A dynamic brand strategy encompasses visual, verbal, auditory, and other sensory perceptions to captivate prospects and influence their decisions. Our team works in concert to portray your image creatively and accurately, incorporating design, video, photography, writing, and information in a way that tells your unique story. Storytelling is an art. Work with us to write the next inspiring chapter in the exciting story of your organization.

Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions of them! Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to learn about brands, products, and services by watching videos rather than reading text. If your company isn’t using video as a key part of your marketing strategy, then you’re missing the best opportunity you have for reaching your target audience.

Look at it this way: People are watching videos. Lots of them. If you don’t have any for them to see, then they’re watching those of your competition. Ouch!

The good news is it’s not too late for you to kick your marketing in the butt and reach all those people who’d love to see what you have to offer. (Not your butt, though, just to be clear.) We’ve produced hundreds of videos for clients and have won a few awards along the way, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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Morrison Video Productions is now MVP Video & Promotions.

Consumer Video Services

We also offer consumer video services, including:

  • Videotape transfer
  • Photo video montages

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Branded Apparel

Logoed apparel creates a powerful impact and makes your brand memorable. According to the most recent Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study: 

  • 85% of people remembered an advertiser who gave them an apparel item
  • 80% of US consumers own promotional T-shirts (across all age groups)
  • 3,400: Number of impressions promotional t-shirts generate in their lifetime
  • 6,100: Number of impressions promotional outerwear will generate in its lifetime
  • 67% of US consumers own promotional outerwear or fleece
  • 69% of US consumers own promotional caps and headwear

Outerwear and performance wear make up two of the top five most influential promotional items.

Branded apparel should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. We’re happy to recommend styles for you based on our 27 years of industry experience.

Your employees’ appearance when interacting with customers plays a large part in determining how your customers perceive your business. Tastefully decorated apparel worn by employees and available for sale or given during a promotion will positively impact your brand.

You can search for the latest apparel styles by visiting our online apparel catalog, or contact us to give us an idea of what you need, and we’ll handle the rest!

To view our online apparel catalog:

  • Casual Apparel for men and women

Promotional Products

The right promotional product, printed with your message and in the hands of your prospects, will target your ideal client when and where they need your products or services. Promotional products are so powerful because of their frequency of use, meaning your message is seen repeatedly every time the item is used. This frequency of exposure makes promo items a key to successful marketing.

According to the most recent Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study:

  • 73% of US consumers own promotional bags
  • 88% of US consumers own promotional drinkware
  • 89% of US consumers own promotional writing instruments
  • 58% of US consumers own promotional USB drives

Let us show you how to select the right product to give your promotion purpose. Our affiliation with AIA, one of the nations’ largest and most successful promotional products companies, means that we have the resources to handle any size order, from large corporate and custom programs to gifts and products for local schools and organizations.

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  • Insulated Cups printed with company logos and slogans

Website Design

Having a nice looking website isn’t enough to attract customers. It must be easy for them to navigate so they can find what they want quickly. Just as importantly, your website should be frequently updated and mobile-responsive, too. Search engines rank active websites higher than stagnant ones, so if yours isn’t being kept up to date, you could be losing business to competitors.

We offer website design that puts you in control of your site. Once we’ve designed it, we can show you how to update it and add new content as needed. For example, you can post weekly specials, add blog articles, or announce special recognition your company receives. Of course, we’ll update and manage your site for you if you prefer. 

website design for businesses in Burlington, NC

Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is the process of developing a 5-star reputation online and marketing that reputation to get more customers. It positions your company as reputable and the market leader in front of thousands of customers. Best of all, reputation marketing works not only in bigger markets but also in smaller ones like Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Burlington, NC!

The goal of most search engines is to provide relevant content to its users. They index millions of websites every day so your search results will have just the right kind of information you are looking for.

Lately, Google, along with other major search engines, has placed a lot of emphasis on reputation in its search results because they know consumers rely heavily on reviews. When people search for products and services online, one of the first things they see under each business name is their review scorecard.

The question for you is this:
What does your reputation scorecard say about your business?

Getting online reviews for businesses

Content Writing & Editing

Well-written communication that is clear and compelling is crucial for a persuasive marketing strategy. Our writing services provide you with the content you need to effectively express your organization’s purpose and create inspiring stories that will generate interest and loyalty.

If you are unable to clearly express your company’s strengths and your products’ benefits over your competition, you are losing money to those who can (who have often hired a marketing company to do so).

Our services include:

Editing & proofreading
Web content
Video scripts
Blog posts
Product descriptions
Ad content
Press releases
How-to guides
Social media
Marketing campaigns

To learn more about our writing services:

Content writing for business promotions and website design

Graphic Design

For most businesses and organizations, your identity is strongly connected to your logo and how your business appears on your website and in printed marketing materials. After all, how your clients see your company is strongly connected to what they see representing your company.

Our talented graphic designers seek clarity for what makes your organization exceptional. They portray that vision through beautifully-designed visuals that combine artistry with industry, communicating the essence of your brand at a glance.

In developing your brand, our designers and writers collaborate to produce your brand voice including logos, taglines, websites, videos, printed sales collateral, presentations, trade show displays, and advertising.

graphic design artists consulting about color schemes


We are skilled photographers who perfectly capture your business’s image. From product photography, event coverage, and pictures for websites and videos, quality photos portray your narrative and color your clients’ understanding.

It’s true that anyone can take a photograph; however, unless you’re using a professional photographer, all you will have are ordinary photographs. Our experts combine their skills with professional equipment and software to bring your photos to life. Their professionalism will more accurately reflect your professionalism.

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photography for professional business images

Other Cool Stuff We Do:

  • Logo design
  • Audio production
  • Company name development
  • Tagline development
  • Brand development


  • Color palette development
  • Guidelines & standards
  • Print & digital ads
  • Multimedia production
  • Belly rubs (dogs only)
giving a dog a belly rub

MVP Video & Promotions is a full-service business marketing company specializing in video production, website design, screen printing, embroidery, promotional products, graphic design, content writing, reputation marketing, social media marketing, and photography. We serve Burlington, Greensboro, High Point, Chapel Hill, Durham, Alamance County and surrounding areas in  North Carolina.