Change is inevitable. This is a universal truth that applies to nearly everything in life, and business is no exception. For many years, Image Apparel & Marketing, owned by Yvonne Morrison, and Morrison Video Productions, owned by Ken Morrison, operated as separate companies, each concentrating on different areas of business marketing. For 24 years, Image Apparel focused on printed and embroidered apparel and promotional products, while Morrison Video Productions served clients with business video production and video marketing.

In recent years, we realized that more and more of our clients needed assistance from both companies along with other business marketing services. It became apparent to us that we could serve our customers better by providing all our services (and more) under one roof. As a result, we merged our companies in the fall of 2018 to form MVP Video & Promotions.

Our new company allows us to expand our products and services to include those we were already providing to some degree but had not marketed to customers before now, like content writing and editing, graphic design, reputation marketing, social media marketing, and photography. Along with video production, website design, branded apparel, and promotional products, we now offer a full array of branding and marketing services to business and organizations of all sizes.

A cornerstone of our new company is four marketing packages we call “Fresh Baked Branding: The Bread and Butter of Successful Business Marketing.” The program is designed to provide a unique blend of essential marketing tools for small and medium-sized companies. The packages can easily be utilized by businesses who otherwise may not be able to afford traditional marketing programs.

Our hope is that any business, regardless of size and budget, will find our company warm, welcoming and, most of all, helpful as you strive to grow your business and realize that you need help marketing your company beyond what you’ve been able to do in the past. Marketing is more than ordering printed pens or having a website; its’ about connecting with your customers and have them understand why your company is deserving of their business.

If you are a larger company that needs support products, we are happy to provide those at a great price with quick turnaround. If you need some hand-holding and guidance through this thing called marketing, we are here to make it fun and easy so you don’t have to worry about anything but what you do best – provide the products and services that your customers need to the best of your ability.

Marketing with Vision & Purpose: It’s how we approach each project and each company’s unique situation. We will help you achieve your vision for your company and do so with the sheer purpose of achieving your goals. It’s our tagline and our promise to you.